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Harnessing the Power of GET Variables: An Innovative Approach to Tracking and Personalization

Harnessing the Power of GET Variables: An Innovative Approach to Tracking and Personalization
Published June 12th, 2023 by Ligna

We live in an era where understanding your audience is key to delivering exceptional user experiences. In the digital world, this understanding often comes in the form of data tracking. Knowing who your users are, where they come from, and what interests them is invaluable. But what if there was a way to elevate your tracking capabilities even further? Ligna offers the ability to set up hidden fields and manipulate GET variables directly within your data fields. This functionality provides unprecedented control over your data tracking, personalization efforts and setting up multi step funnel flows.

Feature Overview

Our latest update allows you to set up hidden fields in your data forms. These fields can then be tagged using the {{get.nameofvariable}} syntax. Here, 'nameofvariable' can be replaced with any identifier of your choosing. When you generate URLs for your websites inside Ligna, you can append nameofvariable=YourValue, passing the 'YourValue' over to the hidden field on the data form you embed on your website.

This feature is extremely adaptable, making it suitable for tracking various sources, such as Google Ads, Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, or any custom tracking parameters that you wish to monitor. Furthermore, this innovative functionality isn't just limited to form fields; you can apply the same tagging technique in our CMS for website personalization.

Three-Level Control: Prioritizing GET Variables

To provide even more control and flexibility, we've introduced three levels of priority for handling these GET variables.

  1. Level One: At this level, any value in the URL parameters replaces the variable tag. This offers a high degree of control as you can directly pass specific values through URLs.

  2. Level Two: Here, we set a server session. The value from this session replaces the tag, even if the variable is absent in the URL. This ensures continuity in data tracking, even when direct parameters aren't specified.

  3. Level Three: At this stage, we establish an encrypted cookie session. The value from this session replaces the tag if available. This is particularly useful for tracking user behavior over extended periods, as the data persists across different sessions and visits.

The Advantages: More than Just Tracking

You might wonder, "What are the benefits of having this level of control with GET variables?"

Improved Ad Campaign Tracking: This feature allows for better tracking of your ad campaigns. By setting up custom variables for each ad platform, you can gain a granular understanding of where your form traffic is coming from, enabling you to optimize your campaigns more effectively.

Enhanced Personalization: When used in our CMS, these tags can personalize content based on the values passed, resulting in more tailored user experiences. It's well-known that personalization increases engagement, so the potential to boost conversion rates is significant.

Greater Flexibility: With three levels of priority, this feature provides unmatched flexibility. Whether you want to pass values directly via URLs, maintain tracking continuity across sessions, or persist data across multiple visits, you can choose the approach that best suits your needs.

Better User Retention: By remembering user preferences over multiple sessions (Level Three), you can significantly improve user retention and satisfaction. Users appreciate when a website remembers their preferences, and our feature does just that.

Our innovative GET variable control feature provides a powerful tool for businesses. By elevating tracking capabilities and offering a new level of personalization, it's never been easier to understand your audience and deliver an exceptional user experience.

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